Hope everyone has been well.  It has been a busy beginning to spring around here.  Always is, but this time it seems even nuttier.  Mom's getting busy with photo shoots.  Dad is traveling and working.  I've been trying to behave and stay healthy...I'll be honest, I am not always successful at either!
I have been trying to stay healthy for some procedures I need done but Murphy's takes over.  At least that's what Mom calls it.  Murphy's Law or something?!?  Anyway, back to the fun stuff.
I celebrated my 5th Birthday.  We are planning a little party for next weekend.  I hope the weather is good...we have a little inflatable play thingy coming for me and my cousins/friends.  Pray for dry weather please.  May 2nd.  I cant wait to see everybody.
The weather stinks right now so hopefully we get this out of the way for May.
Other than that no other major news to share.  I have been missing more school then attending.  I need to stay healthy!  Dad and I got pretty sick.  Never seen Dad that sick.  Mom locked him in the bedroom so we didn't share it.   I think he is all better now.
I am almost 100% but no school.  We are playing it safe for an eye procedure I have scheduled for Friday.  The 4th or 5th time I have had it "scheduled"....don't ask?!?
I am excited for better weather and up north.  I am hoping Grandpa Rama starts to feel better.  I went to visit him over the weekend.  We are all praying for him!  He is still tan from Florida...so is granny, wow!  Maybe next year this lady makes a little escape...

OK I am off to lots of Dr appts and therapy  More updates after Friday...stay tuned.

What a weekend.  MSU Basketball was amazing!!  Final Four, woohoo!
And now today, I woke up to M&D singing Happy Birthday.  I know it sounds scary, but they had the music playing from the Ipad so it wasn't too bad.  Anyway...I am the big CINCO today.  The number five.  FIVE!!!
Grandpa is home from Florida, Granny is on her way back, MSU Basketball is awesome and I am five.  What a great start to my week!!



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Loving the change in weather!  Good bye snow and hello green grass. OK, more like brownish yellow green grass.  Either way, I am ready for Spring.  WooHoo.  I went for a walk with M&D yesterday, first one of the year.  
Mom helped me color some spring color artwork.  See how talented I am?!  
I was recently asked to participate in a write-up featuring my very rare condition.  It is a short piece but it does such a great job summarizing everything about my rare syndrome I thought it was a great thing to share with all my fans, friends and followers.  I am pictured in the green shirt.  As you can see from my friend in the other picture, we have some eerie similarities.  
When Mom and Dad say I am one in a million...I actually have to correct them and tell them I am one in millions!!

Just copy and paste this link into your web browser:


I posted some new photos from my amazing Christmas.  Will share an update soon.  Lots to tell, lots of people to thank!!  Happy New Year.  Stay warm.  It looks like winter is on its way this week...bundle up.

Hi everybody!  The holiday season is in full swing for this little lady...even though the weather doesn't quite feel like it.  53 degrees? I asked Santa for a sled, maybe I should change my list.
Sorry I haven't updated since Halloween.  I didn't realize it was that long ago...
Since then I have been busy with school.  We hosted Thanksgiving.  Mom has been a Xmas decorating fool.  Our house is a Christmas postcard, inside and out!
 I have been shopping...several times and last weekend was our first Christmas party!!
We went to visit Grandpa Jim and the family.  It was fun.  I had so much fun I didn't want to go to bed...oops, sorry M&D.
This week is my last week of school and then I have a nice break.  I think I heard Dad say the same thing for his work.  It is going to be awesome if he's off to the New Year.  M&D said we are going up north for a bit.  Hopefully they have winter up there.

Wishing everyone a happy and healthy holiday season.
Talk to everyone soon.

Ugh, I am in the middle of my second cold.  We were expecting a few ailments with this school thing, but two colds in a month is no fun.  Its like I go one week and then home one week.  Hopefully I get into a better schedule than this...I like being home but not being sick.  And this time, I gave my cold to Mom.  Dad almost got it too.  
We need to get better and quickly.  We are supposed to go to Lansing this weekend to see Grandma Carrie and Grandpa Tony.  Its a big weekend in EL.  Go Green!
Lets see, what else is going on??
I got my Halloween costume, but I wont share it just yet.  Pictures to come!!