I was recently asked to participate in a write-up featuring my very rare condition.  It is a short piece but it does such a great job summarizing everything about my rare syndrome I thought it was a great thing to share with all my fans, friends and followers.  I am pictured in the green shirt.  As you can see from my friend in the other picture, we have some eerie similarities.  
When Mom and Dad say I am one in a million...I actually have to correct them and tell them I am one in millions!!

Just copy and paste this link into your web browser:


I posted some new photos from my amazing Christmas.  Will share an update soon.  Lots to tell, lots of people to thank!!  Happy New Year.  Stay warm.  It looks like winter is on its way this week...bundle up.

Hi everybody!  The holiday season is in full swing for this little lady...even though the weather doesn't quite feel like it.  53 degrees? I asked Santa for a sled, maybe I should change my list.
Sorry I haven't updated since Halloween.  I didn't realize it was that long ago...
Since then I have been busy with school.  We hosted Thanksgiving.  Mom has been a Xmas decorating fool.  Our house is a Christmas postcard, inside and out!
 I have been shopping...several times and last weekend was our first Christmas party!!
We went to visit Grandpa Jim and the family.  It was fun.  I had so much fun I didn't want to go to bed...oops, sorry M&D.
This week is my last week of school and then I have a nice break.  I think I heard Dad say the same thing for his work.  It is going to be awesome if he's off to the New Year.  M&D said we are going up north for a bit.  Hopefully they have winter up there.

Wishing everyone a happy and healthy holiday season.
Talk to everyone soon.

Ugh, I am in the middle of my second cold.  We were expecting a few ailments with this school thing, but two colds in a month is no fun.  Its like I go one week and then home one week.  Hopefully I get into a better schedule than this...I like being home but not being sick.  And this time, I gave my cold to Mom.  Dad almost got it too.  
We need to get better and quickly.  We are supposed to go to Lansing this weekend to see Grandma Carrie and Grandpa Tony.  Its a big weekend in EL.  Go Green!
Lets see, what else is going on??
I got my Halloween costume, but I wont share it just yet.  Pictures to come!!

I am enjoying both!!  I love Fall weather, its more my style.  I do love my summer time on the boat and at the lake.  But these cooler days and cold nights are the best.  Now I just need some decent weather so I can get out to a cider mill.  I miss my wagon ride.
I came down with a cold that lasted about a week, so I had to miss some school but I am back at it!  I have 6 other kids in my class and I have fun drawing, coloring, reading and singing songs.  So far so good!
I hope everyone  is doing well.  Time is flying by and I haven't had too many updates.  Sorry about that.  Its Dad's fault.
We have been pretty busy with the house.  The summer flood wasn't too fun.  I know cause I heard Dad say lots of bad words...lots.  Luckily Mom was there to keep him in check.  I think the house is just back to normal...finally.
Dad spent the weekend painting.  Mom needs an office and her own space.  Grandma Carrie was here so I had some GT while Dad painted.  Its almost done!  I cannot wait cause I am gonna share it with mom, we are going to have a Girls Only room...No boys and No Farley either!!
Well I am off.  Go Green!!  My Tigers weren't too fun to watch at the end (even more bad words from Dad) so luckily our Spartans are starting off strong.  Go White.!!
Yup.  You read it right....SCHOOL.  Thursday was my first day of school.  I am actually going to school.  I graduated from my home school and I am enrolled in Lake Orion.  Thursday was a big day for me, mom and dad.  
All in all it was a good time.  I only go for 3 hours a day but day 1 was successful.  Thanks, mom, for staying with me!!  I am not ready to be solo yet.  I don't think mom is ready either:)
I don't have much to report yet, since its only been day one, but after this week I hope to share all kinds of stuff about school, my new friends and all the new stuff I am learning.
I am sad Summer is over but its on to bigger and better for me...

Happy Birthday to Grandpa Rama, and Happy Birthday to Granny Nanny (Monday)!!!
Come home soon so we can eat cake and ice cream.  Yum

I hope everyone had a great summer.  I did!  I have some new pix and will post a summer wrap up later this week.

Dad and I are spending some D&D time this weekend so its off to the park and Home Depot.  I know...I know...but I actually like HD.  I like all the orange stuff!

Wow, despite the weather this week, I have been having an amazing summer.  I posted lots of new pictures to show everyone all the stuff I am doing.
I have a new swing set, thanks to Dad and Grandpa Rama - its awesome!!
I spent some time up north and I went tubing.  Yup, me, I went tubing. Thanks, Mom for helping and Dad for driving slow.
I love the water, swimming, boating, walks all the fun stuff that comes with warm weather.  Oh yeah, I am love tubing now.  What a great summer.
Check out my photos!
Lots to share already this summer.  I have been a busy lil' lady.  M&D are keeping me busy.  First of all, welcome to my new friend Evelyn Rose Johnson.  She was born on 7-11.  Another girl comes to the party...whoa these poor Dad's are in for a treat in a few years.
I have another new friend, Miss Sarah is my new nanny, helper, M&D break giver, play friend, etc all in one. She has been helping M&D and I like her cause she plays with me all the time.  Bike rides, swings, my jumper, toys, books, and all kinds of other fun stuff.  Miss Sarah has been great!
I have also been up north, I was there for the 4th of July.  I got to swim.  I went to the beach.  I went on boat rides.  I even went to walmart.  It was a fun vacation.  I got to see both my grandpas and both my grandmas.  It was so cool. Everyone came to visit me, even my aunt Christine.
This weekend, Dad and Grandpa built me a swing-set in the back yard.  It is so cool to have my own system right in the yard.  I don't have to go to the park and I don't have to go downstairs to jump.  I can go right outside in my own yard...thanks, grandpa Rama!!
On top of that, I am swimming once a week or so.  Mom takes me to water therapy.  So fun.
And this week, I am back to lokomot and get to walk again in that super cool machine.  My therapist is going to be so happy cause I think I made some great progress since the last session.  I cannot wait to get going again - will be sure to update and share a pic or two.  With that said, a couple new pics are up.  Me and my new piano from Grandpa Rama.  I am not too good yet but I am trying.
I have lots more to share and will get them posted this week, promise.

Been a busy little lady this last month.  Sorry for the delay in updating.  We are finally settling in to the new house, neighborhood, area, etc so I will have more time to share updates and pictures.
We moved and thanks to so many super generous and helpful people, we are in great shape in the new house.  Shout out thank yous to: Great Grandma Jan, Grandma Carrie, Grandpa Jim, Granny Rama, Grandpa Rama, Mr Curt, Ms Stef.  They all helped M&D lift, carry, move, unpack and all the other fun stuff that goes with moving.
Thanks to my cousin Heather and Great Aunt Fran.  They cleaned the house so that is was ready for me to play in!
This years Memorial Day was a little different.  We almost always go up north.  It is a time for chores and all the fun seasonal work that needs to get done.  This time however we had to miss our getaway.  This lady had to have her eye surgery "re-do" on Friday.  All went well and the Dr was very happy that we decided to fix some things that didnt heal to well from last time.  M&D said I am a rockstar.  We went in Friday morning and I was home in my own (new) bed Friday night.  I am swollen and look like someone punched me but other than that I am rocking it...well I was rocking it.  
I felt so good, M&D took me to a new park in the area.  I went swinging, I went spinning and I was flying around on Mom and this tire thingy.  It was super fun.  Then I went with M&D to lunch...we never do that.  I loved looking at the lights, the tvs, the cool stuff...
Then Sunday night came around and I ended up with a post-op cold.  Actually we are all fighting something but it got me!  I am super congested.  No fun!  Its hard to sleep.  Anyway, I will get over it, M&D are good at home doctors.  If we keep it out of my chest we will be successful.
I posted some pictures of my new playground at the park.  Next pics will be of the new house and my new room....
I missed everyone up north.  Thanks for rooting for me and my surgery.  "See" everyone soon...pun intended.