Its been so nice to go outside.  I have been enjoying and taking advantage of the nice weather cause I think its about to get not so nice.
I have been a biking fool.  All my indoor basement practice has paid off.  I love pedaling around the neighborhood.  Mom and/or Dad take me almost every day.
This weekend I was lucky enough to have Grandma Carrie with me!  She took me on my bike ride and showed off all my pedaling moves...I am sad though, cause Great Grandma Jan was sick and didn't visit.  I was hoping for some super duper grandma girl time.  I hope GGJ feels better soon and I want to thank Grandma Carrie for playing with me and watching me while M&D got all their stuff done.  She was also a super packing helper.  Dad said it was a huge help.   I hung out with Dad and Grandma as they packed up the whole kitchen!!  
Speaking of Grandmas.  Granny Nanny Rama is back...again!  I cant wait to see her.  But first I have to be patient...she is going to visit my new cousin Abigail and help out around there this week.  They need the help more now, so I will be patient for my Granny Nanny time.  Welcome home, Granny and Great Aunt Frannie!!  

And Welcome home, Grandpa Gene.  I got to see him this week.  He was tan and getting skinny.  He was gone for 32!  I missed him.
OK, its late, the weekend is over and this lady needs to get some sleep for a busy busy week.



Thank You


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Thank you everyone for all the birthday wishes and the cards and the texts and the emails.  Yes, I even get texts!!
Thanks to Uncle Matt and Aunt Michelle (+1) and my cousin Emily who came over to watch the Spartans lose (boo) and to celebrate with me.  They brought me the most awesome balloons.  I play with them every day!  
Thanks to Granny Nanny who has been home for a few days awaiting the "newer" one.  Since the new addition isn't too motivated to join this family, I am getting spoiled with Granny time.  So fun!!  Thanks for the presents too!  I love all my new clothes and my new toys.
I am super lucky to have to such an amazing family, friendship circle, supporters...thanks to everyone!
Oh yeah, Go Tigers.  Since my spartans are done with basketball, this little lady is on to baseball.  And so far, my lucky shirt is 1-0.  Dad bought me a cool new Tiger shirt for my Bday.  I will get some pics loaded up later.  
What a weekend of basketball! Dad made me watch a lot of TV this weekend.  I like the squeeky shoes and all the colors.  I like the crowd noises and the cheering. And I really like it when MSU wins.  Even though this little lady was in bed....
Check out my Granny and Grandpa.  They are supporting the Green, on a beach in Florida.  Look at my "getting skinny" grandpa.  Hooorayyy!  Keep it up, Poppa!
I have a super busy week so I have to keep it short.  Just wanted to say hello and go green.  Oh yeah, and please think Spring.  I want to go outside!!
Go Green and Go Blue.  Dad said we can root for them...for now!

Ok, enough snow, cold, ice, winter....enough.  This little lady is ready for some Spring.  Rain, Sunshine, birds, flowers...bring em on!
I have been taking advantage of this never ending winter to catch up on all kinds of stuff for me.  I took all kinds of tests that the doctors wanted and we never had a chance to get done.  I did a sleep study.  No fun.  Should be called no way you're gonna sleep soundly study.  I had an EEG.  I did my eye surgery, but you knew that!  I am back in PT 2x a week.  Fun!  Mom and I did all kinds of paperwork and planning for school.  Nope, not going to school yet, but working on planning with my early on team.
I have been busy.
This last weekend we did a road trip to Cleveland.  We visited with the Bellas's.  It was super fun.  I played all weekend with Melanie and Tyler.  They are super nice and shared toys and let crawl all around their house.  I like road trips!
Another one this weekend.  I am going to Lansing while M&D go to Chicago.  Fun, Fun!  We all have cabin fever and are enjoying just doing something different, out of the house...Dad is mean and posted some pictures of me during my tests.  Ugh.  He said I was a rockstar and did super awesome.  I have to agree, I am awesome.
Happy March birthdays to Uncle Matt, Ms Emily, my cousin Brooke, Mr Tim, Ms Katie, my friend Ryan and of course...ME!!
Think Spring and this snow storm better b
I am healing up nicely post op.  Still a little black and blue but doing much better.  Swelling is just about gone.  Now I need to learn how to use these new fancy eyes...
It was nice to getaway for the weekend.  Weather wasnt too great but we did escape outside for a couple minutes to sled.  Lots and lots of snow. Dad was struggling to pull us.  Sorry, dad, but thanks!!
I had lots of fun with my friend Haylee.  She is pictured here with me.  We had all kinds of fun time up north.  She even held my hand while I tried to walk.  We played.  We crawled through our tunnel.  Thanks Granny, the tunnel is super fun.  I especially like the fireplace upnorth.  M&D made it kid safe so I can sit right up by it and enjoy the warm and cozy.
Well its back to reality this week.  Already at a Dr appt.  4 inches of snow.  Therapy this week and getting back to normal stuff now that my eyes are healed up.
Thanks for all the Valentine cards and stuff.  Grandpa Jim sent me one.  Great Grandma Jan and Great Grandpa Ed, Granny Nanny, Great Aunt Arlene and Aunt Linda all the way from!!  I love my car

First of all, thanks everyone for all the amazing messages and well wishes.  Mom had a ton of messages from her Facebook post.  
I am doing much better.  The swelling is going down.  I am pretty black and blue and even yellow (ewww) but things are improving.  I still look like I got into a fight with Rocky...but it will all be worth it!
I had an amazing weekend.  M&D did a little getaway and Granny Nanny Rama stayed with me all weekend.  Great Aunt Fran came by on Saturday and we had a super duper slumber party.  GT - Girl Time.  Uncle Matt, Aunt Michelle (+1) and cousin Emily came over Saturday night for pizza dinner and I had fun playing with my cousin.  It was great to see, literally see everyone!  So fun.   My cousin made me an awesome Valentine heart.  It is hanging on the fridge (thanks, Emily!)
Big thanks to Granny and Aunt Fran for taking such good care of me, playing with me and spoiling me while M&D were away.  I had so much fun.  I watched the Olympics.  I loved the ceremonies with the colors and music.   

Today we are back to normal.  I love my granny time, but I am glad M&D are home.  
It was a long is going to be even longer!
Good news is that everything went well and as planned I was home in bed last night.  I was doing so well they released us and didn't make me stay the night.  As you can see I am pretty swollen and beat up.  The surgeon was very happy with what he was able to do.  I cant wait for the swelling to go down so I can see how these new eyes work.  
I want to thank the amazing medical staff at UM Mott that helped me yesterday.  Everyone was super nice and took good care of me and M&D too.  It was a long day for all of us, but it seemed even longer for Mom.  I know she was worried about me (yeah, Dad too) so I made sure I was super duper strong and did a good job breathing!
Dad took these awful pictures and posted them.  I am not a fan but he wants to show how amazing the journey will be once we have before and after photos.  I certainly hope I look better than I do here.
Well I am off to play a little, rest a lot and enjoy inside time while the snow snow snow falls....
Thanks to everyone for all the prayers, well wishes, texts, emails.

So if you have been a regular follower you are familiar with my BEG and BEE plans.  Well today is a big day for me and one of those E's.  My eyes!!
I am off to U of M Mott Children's Hospital where this amazing doctor is going to help my eyes work better.  Actually he is going to help my eyelids work better which should help me see more!  I cant wait.  He is going to sling or stitch my eyelids to my eye brow muscles.  I know, sounds weird, sounds crazy...but here's the reason why.  My eyelids dont work too good.  I open my eyelids by using my brow muscles to pull them up and out of the way so that my eye is exposed and so I can see.  Dr Kahana is going to help me by slinging those muscles so I dont have to work so hard to open my eye lids.  
Its certainly not a major surgery but I will be asleep a while and I will be intabated.  Thats the scary part.  I dont like that breathing tube.  And I have a little bad history with that darn thing.  But today, I am healthy, I am stronger and I am ready!  I am gonna be a rockstar and I hope to be home in bed before all this snows comes.  Yup, more snow!  Ugh.
So please wish me the best, keep me in your prayers.  I promise to update or have M&D update ASAP.  All should go well and I will have some new pictures of my eyes later this week!
I did post a new picture and I think it needs a little explanation.  The other morning Dad went out to shovel.  Yup, more snow.  Anyway, I was watching him out the cool big window we have.  Notice I am in my new shirt from Great Aunt Fran (thank you!!), with no pants on (embarrassing) and wearing my favorite slippers (Thanks Grandma Carrie!) and a hat on....ok, so the point....Dad made me a snow ball man.  I little snow ball with eyes and a nose.  It was so funny.  I laughed.  I didn't touch or hold it, way too cold, but I did have fun with it.
Post op pictures to come!
I know, I know....this post is way overdue.  I have to apologize to all my followers.  We have been really slow to update my site.  With the hectic holiday and then the new year and this crazy weather I guess we just all lost track of my site update.  Well, here it is!  My first update for 2014.
Where do I start?!?
I guess I have to back up all the way to Thanksgiving.  Wow, has it been that long??  Its been so long, I am not I guess that's a good place to start.  

Unfortunately, all my holidays were marked with some type of illness.  Yup, you got it.  I have had a bad luck string of colds, coughs, fevers, etc.  Thanksgiving was supposed to be a trip to Lansing to see Grandma Carrie, Grandpa Tony and all my Lansing family.  It ended up with us staying home and Grandpa Jim joining us for a last minute and first time Thanksgiving here at home.  I was sick and M&D did the best to make it a last minute event and to get me healthy...I had so much fun with Grandpa Jim.  He was my play buddy all day!

Fast Forward to Christmas.  Yup, you guessed it, I was sick again!  I missed another trip to Lansing.  I stayed home with Granny Nanny Rama and let M&D head to Lansing on their own.  As they say, the show (and snow) must go on.  I was sad, I now missed two events! 

Then came Xmas Eve.  We were so excited, I was doing better, I was all dressed and ready to go.  Dad was packing the car, Mom was getting ready and then BOOM!  I broke out with a nasty fever.  102.7 was the high.  I pretty much collapsed and the Eve party was a no go.  I slept most of the day while M&D did all they could to control my fever.  I missed everyone at the Rama - Szulczewski Party.  M&D did a little Xmas Eve at home while they took care of their patient....and their patience.  I think I heard Dad say that Crown Royal and some candy cane Vodka helped with the latter.

Christmas day brought Santa and some snow and fortunately it did bring me any healthier. At least my fever was doing better but I was still fighting something. Since we missed just about every party and event, G&G Rama were super nice and brought over Santa's presents and dinner for all of us.  It may have been a small party but it was a big event for us! 

On to New Year.  I was feeling much better.  We headed up to the cottage to get away for a while...I was doing great.  I was happy.  I had a fun ride up there.  There was snow everywhere...We got there late and I was super happy to scoot around and see the fireplace and all that stuff.  I even slept 13 hours the first night.  And then...yup AGAIN.  I woke up with a fever, a cough.  No fun!

I wont go on and on, but that was the way it pretty much went right through the New Year.  I have been off and on, on and off sick.  It has been NO fun.  NO fun for me, for M&D, for anyone.
Ok, Ok, enough of that.

I am happy to say, I did have a good holiday season despite the craziness.  I was super lucky to get all kinds of presents, toys, clothes and fun stuff.  I was able to play a little while we were up north.  I was able to see my friend Haylee and play up north.  
Last night I went over to my cousin Emily's house for her 2nd Bday party.  That was fun!
Things are getting better.  The weather certainly hasn't helped, but despite this snow and super duper cold I am getting healthy.  I have too much to do this year to be sick all the time.

Thank you to all my family for the awesome gifts.  I got lots of clothes.  I need them,  I am a growing fool.   I also got some new toys and I play with them every day!  I am sorry I missed seeing everyone and hope to be healthy for the next party, visit, event.

I do want to report one more final update.  Even though I was sick and things have been a little off, I am still doing super with my therapy.  I ride my bike, I walk in my walker, I walk with M&D, I am building my muscles and every day I get stronger and stronger.  Our "basement therapy" has been so much fun.  I get to walk, ride, swing, scoot...all the fun stuff that helps me with my therapy.  I will be sure to share some videos and pics soon!

-Happy New Year!
-Go Green!  What a season! Now onto basketball.
-Happy Birthday Mom, Great Grandma Jan, Cousin Emily, Aunt Deb, Aunt Frani, Ms Amy...and anyone else I may have missed.
-Thank you to all those that played in the football squares.  
-And a special thank you to Mr Kirko who donated his winnings to me...not once, but twice.  I don't even know him, but he is one of my favorites!

I am happy to report that I had a super fun weekend.  Well, Sunday was super fun, the rest of the weekend was just OK.  I didnt sleep too well Friday or Saturday and that means that no one sleeps well.  Sorry mom!   
Anyway, back to Sunday.  I went to my first concert!!!  Me, Dad and Granny went to see Laurie Berkner in Southfield.  She plays the acoustic guitar and sings kids songs.  My Berkley Early On Coordinator, Ms Karen, introduced us to Laurie's music and helped us get tickets. Thanks, Ms Karen!
Unfortunately, Mom was busy with work.  I missed her!
Back to the concert...I wasnt too happy at first.  I wasnt sure what was going on.  I heard all these new noises, I was in a big hall, a synagogue, actually.  I heard lots and lots of kids.  I think there were like 600 people there.  I was happy that Dad and Granny were with me.  I sat on their laps and tried to figure all this new stuff out.  About the 3rd or 4th song I started to warm up to the concert.  I realized I was actually seeing someone sing songs and play music in person!!  At home, I usually see the singers on TV or on the Ipod.  This was so different.  She was right there in front of me.  So cool.  
I ended up having so much fun.  I liked the music, I liked the lights, I liked the singing, I liked the clapping and the new noises.  I think I am going to have to find a Laurie Berkner CD or some of her music on YouTube.  It wont be the same as being there but the music is still fun.  She even sang a song about taking a bath and brushing your totally reminded me of mom and me having fun in the tub.  I am going to play that song next time its bath time.  So fun!!
OK, time for bed...
Go Spartans.  Its squeaky shoe basketball time and the football team is on a role